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How to clean cashmere sweater?

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1. Don't wash your sweater with special detergents. He is an oil extract and has very large damage to natural fabrics.

2. Do not wash with water higher than 35 degrees, otherwise it will cause fiber distortion, the appearance of the display is "shrinking"

3. The soaking time should not exceed 10 minutes. The total washing time should not exceed 25 minutes.

4. Do not rub too much and avoid causing artificial fiber kinks.

The correct method:

1. Detergent:

Mm can be replaced with shampoo. Some supermarkets have cheaper shampoos for the family. They are much cheaper than sweaters, but you need to know that shampoos are used to wash hair, that is, people's “hair” hair. Then the sheep's "hair" should be more than it?

Shampoo has standards for people's hair, skin cleansing and maintenance, so feel free to use it.

Of course, if you use bath milk is also possible.

Don't feel expensive. Go to the supermarket and buy the cheapest shampoo or shampoo on the line.

2. Wool itself has a natural degree of curling, textile ironing is the fiber is straightened, if the water temperature when washing is too high, then the fiber will restore the original curl, so that, "reduction"! Therefore, please control the water temperature below 35 degrees.

3. The soaking time is too long, the shape of the clothes in the water is fixed for a long time, some of the drawn fibers will be shaped, then the clothes will be deformed. The correct washing time is: soak for 5 to 10 minutes, immediately wash, 3 enough water will be enough

4. The shampoo can easily wash away the oil (protein) that is on the sweater. So, just like shampoo, gently press in the water and gently turn it. Awkward. Grease (that is, protein) is just stuck to the fabric's long hair and does not soak into the inside of the yarn. It does not require strong scrubbing.

5. When the towel is dry, wrap the clothes with a towel, put it into the dewatering machine, dehydrate it and compact it so that the sweater will not be deformed when it is dehydrated.

6.Remember that drying is to spread out and dry. On the one hand, the sweater will not be deformed due to the gravity when hanging. In addition, the shape of the sweater will be sorted out and the clothes will be ironed after drying.

This is my entire wool fabric washing experience, but also rule out a lot of mistakes after the experience Oh!

Mm As long as these methods are washed, there should be no problem of shrinking.

Finally, it is best to buy 100% wool yy, 37 hair ah, 46 hair, are very difficult to take care of, because chemical fiber composition of different washing methods also have to change, some chemical fiber water shrink

Shampoo is better than sweater special detergent:

Because I like to wear a sweater, I will wash my sweater once in almost 3 days.

I have always used this method myself.

Think about it. The molecular structure of the sheep's hair is the same as that of humans. It is composed of proteins. The difference is that the hair of the Asians is straight and most of the wool has a certain degree of curl.

When water comes into contact with the water, a powerful chemical clearing agent is added to the water, destroying the shaping agent added to the raw material during processing, and the original physical stretching will be weakened. Therefore, the “shrinkage” phenomenon occurs.

The composition of shampoo is designed and developed for human hair. Not only does it require cleanliness, but it also requires mildness and protection. Therefore, the specific destruction of woollen sweaters is much less important for tissue destruction of sweaters, and the shrinkage of sweaters is also a problem. Much lighter. And oh, sweaters should never be washed in the washing machine. Think about it. Your hair is messed up for 5 minutes. What will happen to your hair?

Break, kink, stretch, deformation! is not it? The sweater will also be like this.

Some sweaters are doing better. The salesperson will tell you that you can wash them in the washing machine, but only to say that the fabric is less deformed than it is!